Let’s Hear It For The Boy!

Gone are the days where woman parented the children while the men took a hands off approach. Dads are elbow to elbow with their female counterparts in the trenches of parenthood. Diapers, feedings, soothing, and baths are all part of a modern dad’s day.

It is time to celebrate the men in our lives, the ones who take over bedtime and wash sand out of little heads of hair.

Recon Carbon** is has a warp of 100% Mercerized Cotton and a weft of 50% Combed Cotton, 50% Mercerized Cotton. The digitized camouflage pattern is unique to Poe. The fibers and weave make it feel like it shines. The light to medium weight is perfect for just about any weather and suitable for babies of all ages and weights.

Recon is supportive with just enough bounce to really get a good seat and snug carry. The texture of the weave makes this a rock solid ring sling and will stay put once properly adjusted and tightened.


*If it wasn’t apparent, this giveaway is sponsored by Poe Wovens, for which I am a brand ambassador. Basically, I get to play with their products in exchange for reviews and photos. Pretty awesome deal! They are currently looking for social media ambassadors. If you become one you could win one of gift card or discount code! Sign up here: http://sot.ag/58Lb9






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