A Fresh (Apparel) Review And Giveaway

The air has changed. The mornings and evenings are cooler, the air smells crisp. A quick drive to our nearest apple orchard reveals trees heavy with apples. This means one thing: FALL IS NEARLY HERE! Fall means my iced beverages will be swapped out for hot. Hot beverages mean a lot of trips to the … Continue reading A Fresh (Apparel) Review And Giveaway


Weaving Stories, Family, and Blueberries

I can barely hear her through the squeals of our children. We pause our conversation to answer the small but mighty voices asking us question after question. The bodies attached to those voices bound off and dart between blueberry bushes. The oldest girl in the lead, closely followed by my friend's daughter. My middle daughter … Continue reading Weaving Stories, Family, and Blueberries