A Fresh (Apparel) Review And Giveaway

The air has changed. The mornings and evenings are cooler, the air smells crisp. A quick drive to our nearest apple orchard reveals trees heavy with apples.

This means one thing: FALL IS NEARLY HERE!

Fall means my iced beverages will be swapped out for hot. Hot beverages mean a lot of trips to the microwave/throwing out half consumed coffees. I am far too busy volunteering for my oldest daughter’s PTA/driving her to dance class/soccer practice/ALL THE ACTIVITIES, pulling a toddler off the walls, and making sure the baby’s first food isn’t something from the cat, to be able to drink my coffee while it is still hot.

I KNOW you know this pain.

Enter my new SIC (stands for Seriously Ice Cold) tumbler from Fresh Apparel. Guys. This thing is LIFE CHANGING and not just because it is hilarious and painfully true. This bad boy keeps my coffee legit HOT for up to 8 hours. EIGHT HOURS. And, for the warmer days, it kept my iced coffee icy for several hours. 10 hours later, there was still leftover ice in my cup. (SIC says it’ll stay icy for up to 24 hours and piping hot for 12. I do not doubt it.)

This is life changing. (And, money saving for those of you as thrifty as me, no more wasted coffee!)

Did I mention that they were also nearly indestructible? I have heard tales of tumblers being left on the top of vehicles, falling off, and barely getting a scratch. (And, I bet the coffee was still warm!)

This cup is amazing and I am not sure I have ever said that about any cup before. I mean, until now, a travel mug was just a travel mug in my world. Now I go out of my way to make sure this one is clean and waiting for me every morning.

We are in a committed relationship. I have found my travel mug soul mate….

ANNNDDDDD because I adore you all and Amanda, the genius behind Fresh Apparel, is the MOST amazing small shop owner, I have a 20% off code for you all. Go pick out your favorite tumbler and enter JBC at check out.

Oh, and one more TINY thing. I collaborated with Fresh Apparel and created a tee shirt. NO BIG DEAL. (Liar!!)

Wanna see?

You sure?

Here you go…..


I hope you do as well. If you do, you can order your very own right HERE. (Available for preorder until Sunday Sept. 3. Very limited quantities available after….) You can get 20% off this shirt (and any RBF/RMF items) with the code: JBC. 

And one more thing, I have TWO to give away!!! That is right, two of my readers will win their very own Fresh Apparel + Juicebox Confession tee. I have made entry as easy as I can. I’ll draw the winner on Thursday August 31! 




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