I Gotta Go With… Pizza and Games!

Our schedules around here have been bananas since September. School and work and appointments and work and meetings and events and work.


We were desperate for reconnection. Not just my husband and I but also us with our children. All the running around made it seem like we were pinballs in a giant machine, occasionally bumping into each other for a hug or a bandaid.

We came up with the perfect solution for our family: pizza and games night. Every Friday we would order pizza and sit on the living room floor to play board games. No one has to cook and the kids get our undivided (mostly, I mean, PIZZA!) attention.

It has quickly become my favorite day of the week. So much so that during winter break this week we took pizza and games night on the road to my sister and brother-in-law’s house.

They supplied pizza and we grabbed our favorite games, including the brand new game, I Gotta Go With… We had a blast.

I Gotta Go With… was SO much fun to play with them. It is a trivia game for everyone. Literally EVERY. ONE.

The questions are simple and there are many correct answers. Things like: Famous Princesses or Actors and Actresses That Started On TV And Went To Movies are asked. Depending on how you choose to play, the round starts and the fun begins.

We decided to play super simply so when (not if) the children interrupted we would be able to stop and restart super easily. We drew a card, read it aloud, and the teams took turns going back and forth listing answers. If a team could t come up with an answer (we gave each other about 20-30 seconds) the other team got the point. If a team gave an incorrect answer, the other team got the point.

We had a blast. Our favorite part was that we could each pul answers from our own knowledge base regardless of age or social upbringing. Even better, the questions and answers will all still be relevant in 2 or 200 years. This isn’t a game that will go stale in 2018.

Speaking of which, this would be a fantastic game for your New Year’s party! We will absolutely be playing it here. Best part? It is available on Amazon and is PRIME ELIGIBLE!! Here is the link, order now and get it before New Year’s Eve! http://amzn.to/2C8jA4B

Pizza and games night was a stroke of genius. I am so happy we established it and am enjoying discovering new and fun games!

*If you get your own game of I Gotta Go With… share a photo of your game night and tag it #jbcpizzaandgames so I can see!!*

**This is a sponsored post. HOWEVER, all the opinions and stories shared here are true and my own. I would never promote something I didn’t truly love or think you would love. Thanks for reading and happy playing!*


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