A Fresh (Apparel) Review And Giveaway

The air has changed. The mornings and evenings are cooler, the air smells crisp. A quick drive to our nearest apple orchard reveals trees heavy with apples. This means one thing: FALL IS NEARLY HERE! Fall means my iced beverages will be swapped out for hot. Hot beverages mean a lot of trips to the … Continue reading A Fresh (Apparel) Review And Giveaway


Let’s Hear It For The Boy!

Gone are the days where woman parented the children while the men took a hands off approach. Dads are elbow to elbow with their female counterparts in the trenches of parenthood. Diapers, feedings, soothing, and baths are all part of a modern dad's day. It is time to celebrate the men in our lives, the … Continue reading Let’s Hear It For The Boy!