Weekend Roadtrip

Ten of our ride-or-die tips to road-tripping with children.



I have moments where I find myself looking at the sky, in awe of all that I have. I am overwhelmed with gratitude, for us, for our life, for him. It is in those moments that I still reach out and grab his hand, hoping that his weight alone will anchor me to the ground.

Desperately Seeking Friends

Married mother of three in search of friends. Me: doesn't really drink but is a fantastic pourer of wine, good listener, loves chocolate, can be shy, loves coffee and nap time. You: must tolerate rowdy kids, ignore a disastrous house, and enjoy long walks through the aisles of Target sipping coffee and tuning out the gimme gang that is pushed around and fed Goldfish. If this is you please text me (NO PHONE CALLS) because I am far too scared to make the first move.